Comprehensive communication


The gathering that brings together the best of Latin American audiovisual content with the international stage.

Organized by the  Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA) and the Marché du Film – Cannes Film Festival, this event not only represents the most prominent audiovisual market in Latin America, but also attracts key players from the industry.

In the last editions, we have carried out the coordination of the comprehensive communication of the market and all its sections, Primer Corte, Copia Final, Animation!, Blood Window, Punto Género, Doc Sur, Maquinitas, Solo Series, El Principio del Film, Proyecta Show Shorts, and Remakes.

With a strategic and meticulous approach, we created a comprehensive plan that included the planning, design, and management of social media, brand identity for each of the sections, the development of segmented email marketing strategies for the corresponding audience, the design and planning of newsletters, the development of signage, screens, and totems, and the design of brochures, invitations, and diplomas.

Our team’s greatest achievement was our ability to have a global vision of the event and establish meaningful connections at an international level. Being present in every detail allowed us to ensure success in communication, both in the digital and physical realms.

Furthermore, we quickly adapted to the changing needs of the industry, establishing relevant dialogue spaces for the current situation. This year, for example, the presence of Netflix marked a significant milestone, with a special gathering for Latin American female scriptwriters, reflecting the event’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Many thanks to INCAA, Ventana Sur, and the Marché du Film for their continued trust.

We are proud to have been part of this great event and to continue contributing from our expertise to the audiovisual and cultural industry.